Sunday, 20 September 2009

TIFF: The Wrap-Up

So TIFF is over for another year and I'm moving on to the Emmy awards and the fall TV season starting in earnest this week. But before I do, here's the final ranking of the movies I saw this year.

My Favourite film of the fest:

Up in the Air. Jason Reitman, you rock and I will line up for any movie you want to put on the screen. Clooney is flawed but dreamy and that slow smile and head tilt will hopefully show up in my dreams for a while. Farmiga, Kendrick, Bateman and everyone else on the screen are good too.

Great movies (watch for them to show up somewhere on the Oscar ballet next year):

An Education. Catch Carey Mulligan in her starmaking turn and stay for the performances of everyone else. A fairly straightforward story about a girl trying to figure out what she wants from life.

Bright Star. I cried, that says it all. A heartbreaking story that's beautiful to look at on screen. And hopefully will lead to Abbie Cornish being known for more than just the girl Ryan left Reese for.

Precious. Tough to watch but worth the struggle. It won the TIFF audience award this year (along with a bunch at Sundance), likely the first of many accolades heading to director Lee Daniels and supporting actress Mo'Nique.

Good Movies (worth your while, or, you'd be happy to watch them on a plane):

Youth in Revolt. News just broke that the movie's release date has been pushed to early next year into the dumping ground of January, which is too bad because it's truly funny and a good opportunity for Michael Cera to break out of his type casting rut with the Francois Dillinger alter ego.

Leaves of Grass. Edward Norton shines in a dual role in a movie that may be trying too hard to be quirky. Mostly entertaining and gets a 7 out of 10 in my books.

Whip it. Drew's directorial debut is nothing to be ashamed of. Fun and entertaining and Ellen Page is enjoyable as lead, though I'd like to see her as something other than the angsty alterna-teen sometime soon.

Passenger Side. Small independent film showcases Adam Scott and Joel Bissonnette as brothers struggling to maintain/rebuild a relationship while on a meandering drive around Los Angeles.

The movie I didn't see enough of to label:

Life During Wartime. Sorry Mr. Solondz.

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Kate said...

Love your TIFF blog, as usual! :) I'm keenly anticipating some of your fave films!